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Past Parings:

Lydia Balfour "Bally" Lee "Veldhuis" 1952 and Olf Veldhuis 1949

Clara Campbell Sprankle "Lee"  1927 and John Black Lee Sr.

Helen Greenwood Balfour "Sprankle" 1901 and Edward Weaver Sprankle, Jr.

James Gilbert Balfour, Sr. 1870 and Clara Campbell 

Alexander Balfour 1844

Alexander Balfour 1818

John Balfour 

"The Yes or No People book"

where we ask

"Who really are

the Yes People?"


"Who really are

the No People?

With an algorithm we will find out, in Power Apps.

We are testing if: 

People will consistently answer: "Yes", if they follow their heart

and "No", if they

follow the law.

 Robert Louis "Balfour" Stevenson,  a writer and a theorist, made  "Jekyll and Hyde" a part of our everyday vernacular. 

No matter how good the Dr. Jekyll tried to be,

 the evil inside his person
"Hyde" would win out in the end.

In 1971, after returning from Syracuse University, the Art School, I wrote while at 

Silver Hill Hospital, 

"There is no one good.


there is no one better."

From the date I was baptized, November 20, 1993, I am thoroughly convinced that that:

Soon, we will be rescued from badness.

This gives me hope that I must share with you.

Please join me:

or call my Microsoft

Teams: + 1 (203)  666 - 5234

In honor of my Father,

John Black Lee,  the architect, our quest is for:

1.) meaningful work

2.) a measure of health

3.) and a good reputation.

Rule: We always use the buddy system.

Rule: We all are valuable. We always can find a some facet of design that comes to us, like a voice in the night if we listen.

Rule: All forms we design can fit us both.

Rule: Use the air.

As my father said: "Air is the best building material."


  "Sail it flat!"

Please email me at:

(203) 916-0133

Yoga Practice

I Make It, I.M.I., Inventions or Entertainment 

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